Accommodation in Safed

Safed, the capital of Upper Galilee, considered for many years an attractive place for holidaymakers of any kind, both because of the spectacular views of the city and the region, due to the attractions taking place in the area and because of the mystery of Safed – and for good reason, its name was associated with the names of the great Kabbalists. What is the story behind the unique city? And what to do in the area when looking for vacation rentals in Safed perfect vacation?

Safed – History in a Nutshell

Whether you come for a short weekend vacation and whether a few days, the atmosphere in Safed Guest atmosphere will not be the same without the basic knowledge necessary for recognition of the city. Over the years, Safed has become a strategic destination and an important spiritual center. It had the greatest Kabbalists, among them Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Ari and his disciple Rabbi Chaim Vital, author of the Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Yosef Karo and rabbis other sellers. Alleyways were full of all good and economic situation is considered satisfactory to desire. Over the years, the city fell Macarena But today, Safed is in the process many development to encourage new influx of settlers. city accommodation and facilities and many who visit can enjoy the many attractions typical of this area alone, walk in the alleys of the city or travel route and stay in Safed Guest considered prestigious in particular.

Two fused BB

If you are visiting the area of Safed, a sign that you’re looking to indulge in one of the charming bed and breakfasts city has to offer you. Among them, two are considered extremely BB Featured Safed and loved by visitors of various kinds – Zimmer Zimmer Fine fresh and garden terrace. Bed and breakfasts superb location makes them close any destination or attraction throughout the city. These are two impressive stone structures, designed and spacious and overlooking a breathtaking view. They are close to the ancient synagogue and therefore also cater to the religious community who want to make the Shabbat in Tzfat.

There is a current private garden with seating areas, fruit trees and herbs. BB These offer all the facilities that make them ideal for vacation, both as a couple and as a family with children, including – air conditioning, two double beds, Wi-Fi, coffee and tea corner with milk, safe, LCD and cable, electrical fittings and a shopping center nearby.

Selected area attractions

The Safed Guest accommodations also can be combined with the attractions and recreational facilities to enrich significantly trip. Among the attractions there are also those suitable for recreation with children such as Books Library Museum, Meiri Museum and the Artists’ Quarter. Synagogues scattered throughout the city are an attraction in itself and offers a piece of history receivers. They also archeology enthusiasts will not bored, they can visit the citadel Hill where an ancient Crusader fortress forecast previously dominated the city.

Another place to visit is demanding the central exhibition, which expose a rather impressive display of works by artists of the Artists’ Quarter, old prints and drawings. And do not forget the Mount Meron with saints’ tombs, including the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, which is held every year during the binge of Lag B’Omer.

Best of bed and breakfasts in Safed

The unique design, warm attitude, uncompromising hospitality, proximity to numerous attractions and breathtaking mountain scenery, are the ones that make the B & B Fine lacquer Zimmer attractive garden terrace. Of all the vacation rentals in Safed, these two have a special design, captures the character of the city. The thought that went into the design of each bed and breakfasts and their spectacular designs, they will make your vacation in Safed romantic and luxurious as one and the same memory forever engraved.

You can order one now Safed bed and breakfasts and design yourself the perfect vacation. Simply fill in your details in the appropriate fields, specify the designated holiday dates and submit – and our representative will contact you as soon as possible. Need advice? Of course You can also get in touch for a human response.