Accommodation in Safed atmosphere of a magical accommodation sites

Safed is without a doubt – one of the most unique cities in Israel. The city offers a wide range of experiences, from a Jewish background, capacitors and authentic to the culture to the developed nature tourism sweeping the country, due to being located in the Upper Galilee near the mountains. Contrary to what people think, the city is not just for adults, and also offers a host of attractions for children.

Safed trip with the kids – where to go?

First of all, the site of children in Safed is the museum Books Library, which gene letters, workshops and games Trivia which children can play and participate and of course watch the exhibits entertaining. Secondly, museum Meiri is accessible to children, and offers, along with content long and deep content being minor designed for children. a couple of museums that, along with entertainment with the family on nature and mountains: Mount Meron, the castle hill and expect deep – creating an authentic experience for them. even a tour of city alleys at night, or hike guided tour can make any experience of hosting Safed empowering experience with children.

Adult attractions

Romantic B & B, can also include a short trip to the museum Meiri – which can be viewed anachronistic structure petition and beginning construction of Safed, to see how the Jewish lived in Safed and see how they lived elders of Safed. A visit to the tombs of saints, including the tomb of the Holy Ari – site name where you can visit other tombs, including Moses, son of the Holy Ari, Rabbi Moshe Alkabetz, and Rabbi Moshe Cordovero Ztzok”l. When Hosting Safed, you may also leave the city, Ascend Mount Meron and visit the grave of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, of blessed memory. Other experiences from the region, it is recommended to visit the deep Observatory at dusk, watch the scenery cylinder just before the blackouts, and Csiord darkness – to end the day in a forest subsidiary that offers the ultimate gourmet meals of all kinds.

For those traveling groups suitable trip?

Safed accommodation ideal for young couples, or two couples wanting to spend time together. It is also ideal for families with children, because then you can also spend quality time with them and do not feel the atmosphere of bustle and the crowd was Nhltcm if you go in a large group, the atmosphere somewhat contradicts the city’s rural existence.

B & B “Terry Payne” is just that – a decorated pine tree good, unique and intimate

Cabin accommodates four guests, with a studio and loft, with double bed and children’s bed opens. Zimmer spectacular natural landscapes rich with multiple exposures. This is a guest house in Safed provides comfort and quality, proximity to downtown shopping and the old city, rich in technology, Wi-Fi and air conditioning. Zimmer – safe and fully equipped kitchen.

B & B “Garden Terrace” is built in an antique style, artistic style

Zimmer made of stone 100-year-old inside and out. Zimmer – painted stained glass window, and it is home to the wanted men in the city of Safed accommodation, room technology, including Wi-Fi, LCD screen and modern appliances in each cabin. The kitchen contains heating devices and selected food preservation. Window overlooks a natural garden and sweeping. This hostel accommodation is also possible for up to 4 guests.

Safed guest house with all the advantages

Two cabins, “Terry Payne” and “Garden Terrace” in an isolated area on the one hand, and close to the Hawaiian Safed other. So, you do not get a racket from the city center and hosting solution Safed are strategically located closest to anywhere in the city.

Order a custom accommodation in Safed

You can order the guesthouse “Fresh Pine” or the “Garden Terrace” using convenient interface, where you can select the desired cabin and a specific date range. The resort’s staff was flooding “BB Safed” will return to you after receiving your order.

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