B & B or hotel in Safed? Galilean landscape lodging solutions

The word “hotel” derives from the language of “B”. Apparently, by definition – a B provides solution B meets the definition but who as you know in the 21st century, although this is in place against the backdrop of the hills of Galilee as Safed, it should be a solution, is attractive, which would justify the investment in and provide, in effect , charge a fee. Here, the question is what solution will provide it for you, vacationers: Safed hotel or an intimate B & B? Let’s look at this.

Safed – card: the atmosphere, the character and topographical environment

Safed is a city located in a hilly topographical environment, which is a continuation of other mountainous areas such as Jerusalem, for the simple reason that Israel, as part of the Great Rift Valley contains a mountain range along the central, west and east of the Valley Plain shores of the Mediterranean. In addition, this city with a long history of becoming one of the largest were later accepted Judaism: Holy Ari, Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, Rabbi Moshe Alkabetz, Rabbi Yosef Karo, editor and author of the Shulchan Aruch, and more. City – important reception centers active to this day. A significant portion of the experience which is concentrated around the Jewish religion and culture, and unlike cities like Haifa or Tel Aviv contains some notable places of entertainment although there are certainly places as we will learn. Due to the mountainous and rural character on the one hand, the other religious and peaceful – Overall drawing a hotel in Safed bourgeois style might in our view, to miss the purpose of your visit to the city so special.

Solutions entertainment and dining around town

The city excels in dairies, where you can see the process of milk production and dairy products as well as visitors dine fine dairy products. On the other hand, the city and its surroundings are rich meat authenticity restaurants. Hence the reliance on fast food retail chains simply not an option when we get there boutique resort – that solutions catering and entertainment are all authentic and one-time experience. From this we learn that relying on intelligence solutions Safed hotel also misses this point, because you can enjoy a meal at any place, rather than an environment so unique as it offers Safed.

Accommodation in Safed provides uncompromising experience and is very suitable for the city’s unique Hawaii

When you sleep Zimmer Safed, especially if it is built and decorated in antique style fearless, you enjoy the experience without compromise, while living in a luxurious apartment and special. Unlike intelligence solutions such as Safed hotel, no breakfast up of 8:00, no runs and Tizozim out counter or no – your time is, and planned by you alone. Unlike visiting a large and modern city, Safed’s exactly what it takes to not only enjoy the sites and attractions in themselves, but also unforgettable lodging experience.

Two luxurious B & B that constitute an hotel room in Safed

We recommend two luxurious B & B, built side by side on one hand and intimate complex near the old city and the commercial center of Safed on the other. They built the antique, with fine wood and gem, offering authentic hospitality and old. Introducing the B & B “Fine fresh” and B & B “Garden Terrace”.

“Pine Tree” because there is no longer such a Zimmer – when you choose to settle Zimmer Terry Fine, you’re enjoying twice. First time, when you look out the windows, and the second time, simply because there is also an interior courtyard colorful and floral, with fruit trees and herbs, which you can also edit barbecues. Hotel in Safed with a tight schedule would not allow such an intimate space. There is a safe, and air conditioning. Can accommodate up to 4 guests.

“Garden Terrace”, an authentic boutique design – Zimmer with ancient stone walls that was used 100 years ago. It is built of large bricks also can distinguish them from within. Window and contains colorful stained glass on glass. The room round shape – a dome shape. Safe and air conditioning Zimmer. Can accommodate up to 4 guests.

Instead of Safed hotel, Stay quiet and central Zimmer

Two bed and breakfasts – quiet, no noise commotion outside, equipped with Internet and appliances, and are located in the center of the city of Safed, close to the tourist districts. Invitation at your disposal a comfortable filling in your details and dates of arrival. Accommodation in Safed, would get the order and return the phone to you to promote your vacation!

To order your favorite Zimmer, click here, fill in your details along with the dates and number of persons – and we will return soon!