Guest authentic boutique accommodation in Safed

Safed carries with it a piece of history combined with mountain views mysterious and magical rolls. This city grew great Kabbalists such as Rabbi Moshe Cordovero, Holy Ari, and Rabbi Chaim Vital. Follow it also author of the Shulchan Aruch by which goes all the Jews of Spain and the East, Rabbi Yosef Karo. The city is full every good and offers a variety of degrees tourist Travel narrow alleys remind you boroughs Gypsies in Spain and Italy, synagogues with a history of one of the oldest and most important communities of Judaism, and many attractions like museums and tourist sites interesting and fascinating.

Where it is recommended to visit Safed and its environs?

Safed offering a variety of experiences – from museums to special synagogues of them can learn a lot about Kabbalah in Judaism. It is recommended to reach the children and take them to the museum Books Library, and visit the Museum of Jewish Heritage in Hungary. You can also get an impression from the Meiri, where you can admire nine exhibition halls, the building is one of the sole survivors from the ancient core of Safed. Floors and levels were built in different periods. Downstairs survived residences and hope Purge 16th century. It has two large halls used in the middle of the 19th century, the rabbinical court in Spanish. between the courtyards and alcoves cisterns hewn varicose veins vine antiques. the city also attracts many tourists who are interested in antiquities and archeology, including the archaeological researchers themselves in view of a castle hill, where you can visit the ancient citadel Crusaders from it are governed Safed the 13th century. of course the most famous site, which is published in all public Lag B’Omer is the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron nearby. For those unfamiliar, Lag B’Omer is the date when there is festivity in honor in the tomb.

Where do you stay when you visit Safed?

Due to the uniqueness of the city, its special location and tranquil, and history Extension is behind, we encourage you to focus on the hosting environment quiet, relaxing, not for the masses, and on the other hand – particularly luxurious, and offers everything necessary for you to have fun Safed sense of the word: Lighting a high standard in every room, widescreen TV LCD, air conditioning and hot and cold accessible at all times. It’s no secret that high-quality and luxurious guest houses offer you a piece of serenity, which built a unique style. All Suitable for a couple or for accommodation of a group of four visitors, usually a couple with two children.

Accommodation in a family atmosphere with high class accommodation

Bed and breakfasts concentrated enjoyable holiday complex, close to commercial centers, with mountain views out the window. B & B “Terry Payne” offers studio, with sweeping views emanating from the background cylindrical air fresh and clean. Zimmer divided compound bedroom, a dining room and a fully equipped kitchen, leather sofas given regulation. Zimmer arched window style of the Middle East, and it – cushions that can sit on and look out over the mountains. Zimmer safe located in the room. The complex also has beautiful lips where you can enjoy the fruit trees, herbs and flowery garden, along with a seating area equipped including BBQ – a great choice to stay in the Old City of Safed.

Zimmer garden terrace you will stay in the rooms are made of 100-year-old, the construction style of quite a few buildings in Safed. In the main room you will find a double bed and a blanket made of silk luxury. Zimmer window colorful and transparent, with stained glass. Safe located in the room, as well as a wide screen with cable. There is a kosher kitchen, including a refrigerator, an electric kettle and a microwave. Zimmer also Kosher and built the religious public service.

BB compound “Fine fresh” garden terrace and excellent located in the Old City of Safed

On the one hand, the complex very close to the old city, and on the other – the commercial center of the city. City alleys and BBQ artists come to the entrance of the complex. Combined with the green mountain scenery and magical, you are actually close to all tourist attraction on the one hand, and also nearby places you should always trade will be among them if you need service or other like ATM, or save images from a camera. You can reserve your hostel already preferred, indicating the dates in question, and our representatives will answer for treatment on demand.

Zimmer in booking a city of Safed, click here and representatives of “Safed BB” will return to you soon!