Safed resort for couples and families with children

When you aspire to spend a vacation for two, Safed offers you a variety of experiences rarely sought among many. The city that grew the best internationally accepted religious Jews, led by the Holy Ari, and Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, offers a range of heritage sites, tombs of museums for adults and children, and hike the landscape of green mountains. A visit to Safed from fact so many attractions that it seemed there is no need to elaborate on your accommodation, but do not worry: you will find out later written Safed resorts with unique design, creating a sense of peace and well-equipped with all amenities.

Visit Safed – how long should travel to the city, and how you should plan your time?

We encourage you to plan vacation in Safed period of 4 days (3 nights) where you will be exposed to a wide range of sites of special natural landscapes and attractions, some of which are also designed for recreation for children. 4 days before you visit the city’s museums, from the Museum of Books Library, to Meiri Museum. Take the most famous archaeological site in the country – the castle hill, and of course also spend the day visiting the graves of famous tzaddikim and foremost – Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron, who is buried. you can later go out too deep observatory nearby, where you can enjoy a gourmet restaurant and an impressive variety of observation sites.

How should I prepare for a trip? What to bring with us?

For those who have already experienced the experience of Jerusalem or the desert, the same general weather conditions also apply to Safed: usually – not hot here, so even relatively warm periods should bring several long pieces of clothing every scenario that will come. Camping site you proposed for Safed is a resort town centers, with full tenant space: kitchen, living room and views of the city and mountains. Some rooms will also find fruit trees and herbs to enrich your daily meals, if you decide to eat camping site water days. Order a possible accommodation for 4 people maximum. In most cases, come here couples, or couples with two children, and in some cases even two couples traveling together on vacation.

Board Safed: where do you dine?

Meat meals: Ari 8, abundance, forest-year-old farm deep Observatory, also – Zimmer guests “Fine fresh” option to do a barbecue in the courtyard cabin. Meals Dairy: Dairy Meiri (she Dairy Visitor Center), Dairy Shrine (where you can also eat regulated), a café mulberry strictly kosher. vegetarian meals: dinner in paradise. fish goodwill. restaurants are located in Safed or near – within driving distance, offering a selection of culinary large and varied allowing each one to organize vacation in Safed coordinated personally.

Guest Safed comfortable resort, designed and placed at the center of Safed

Despite that it is no secret that there are quite a few B & B’s and you can find quite a few hotels in the capital of Galilee, we recommend 2 BB is very special, built in authentic style and are area secluded and intimate on one hand, and close to the city center and the old city on the other, so you enjoy all the benefits during vacation Safed. Terry Payne Zimmer pampering, which includes bedrooms, kitchen courtyard lips with fruit trees and herbs – offers all the comfort and quality for you, including a safe Luggage Storage, Wi-Fi and a kitchen. Zimmer terrace garden contains a kitchen with everything you need, including a fridge and coffee preparation kit, and made ancient stone: the whites of her can be seen even from the room.

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