Accommodations Safed antique styles

When you go on vacation as the city of Safed – awaits you beautiful and charming city that combines Jewish history, scenery and flourishing green mountains and various tourist sites. However, the city does not give the feeling of the bourgeoisie or busy tourism, although demand – exists because of the uniqueness of this city. Therefore, overnight at the hotel is not conducive to the same motif as the old-style complex, officers peace, quiet and relaxation. Beyond the fact that the distance from such accommodation – the city will be very close to the structure of the accommodation and internal architecture alone will put you well authentic atmosphere.

Safed travel with conditions

When you base your trip on accommodation nearby Safed central parts of the city, the commercial centers and the old city and built in antique style, you benefit from tourist services, utilities rooms equipped with all the technology and endless possibilities of excursions around the city and its surroundings. Start the day with a tour of the city’s unique museums, and finished with recreation and intimate double room with free Wi-Fi, LCD wide screen TV, air conditioning, and in room safe.

Be close to natural attractions

BBQ accommodation near Mount Meron also coming from the windows and mountain views very good rolls. You can spend a whole day on a nature walk, or combine it with a recreational pastime reception sites and museums of the city. The most important attractions you can find in the mountains: the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on Mount Meron, and the castle hill, where you can watch the remaining part Crusader fortress – no restorations. Select Lodging in Safed also located near the city center and adjacent lift is worthwhile by all accounts, and allows easy access to most anywhere.

Feel like your home

When available accommodation in Safed, which are Mroooc studio with loft, kitchen and balconies feeling home can not be more pronounced. The kitchen is well suited and equipped for the religious community in whatever it takes. The bedroom contains a double bed for adults and children pull-out bed accommodation. Suitable for couples or families with 1-2 children.

Terry Payne Zimmer – Double surrounded landscape: private courtyard and looking to pick up

Large room with one bed in a bedroom and a loft bed for children and kitchen. The kitchen you will find everything you need to host a full and impressive views directly to the mountains will reflect an old style arched windows. The room contains several exposures, several windows, making the experience as pleasurable especially accommodation in Safed. Zimmer courtyard of rich crops that can be added for a meal: herbs and fruits. Yard, very comfortable garden furniture and possibility to barbecue.

Bungalow garden terrace – an ancient and artistic design to create a special atmosphere

If you are looking for a place to stay in Safed not only be designed to be an old-style, but built just – stone 100 years ago, the garden terrace is the place for you. White brick wall large slices crisscross, and the window embedded Meters: Colorful window decoration enriches the design and uncompromising manner. The kitchen you will find a refrigerator, microwave and kettle heating. The kitchen accommodates religious community. Zimmer adjacent to the old town and Kiryat artists.

“Safed B & B’s” – Accommodation Safed another level: Advanced Technology Services

LCD TV with cable, wireless Internet, safe in each bungalow, and various technological devices. The room will prepare a cup of coffee / tea to your every morning and evening, and keep refrigerator food day trip. You will pass free time reading books open cylindrical air, and enjoy the authentic style rooms with all the conditions. Booking is simple and easy, and can be practiced From your PC. After booking, representatives of ours have created will contact you for luxurious accommodation in Safed Guest.

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