BB just north of Safed Guest

When you are planning a vacation in the north, in search of the cabin is right for you is not an easy thing. North offers a huge range of cheap vacation rentals, luxury, family and romance.

Where Nnfos North?

North offers a scenic, nature and many cultural and interesting. The key question is what holiday you are looking for? If you are looking for a family vacation, you need to make sure that your guest room near some attractions and interesting events that will engage the little ones and keep them from getting bored. Also a pool with a qualified lifeguard is very important for a vacation with children. BB compound with shared pool and other families might be what you are looking for.

If however you are looking for a romantic holiday just him and her, better secluded B & B offers all the amenities like breakfast and private garden To Make no reason to get out of the guest room.

It should be remembered that today may call the B & B to all recreational structure so you better make sure with a compound which contains exactly Zimmer Is there air conditioning or heating supply and Is It includes room service.

When should vacation in the north?

You should always vacation in the north. In summer you can escape the heat and steamy humidity of the center and in the winter you can curl up in blankets in front of the mirror sleet or snow in the window. In the spring all blossoms and green autumn weather enjoy the cozy European.

On this occasion we will be happy to invite you to vacation at one of our many bed and breakfasts in Safed:

Safed is an ancient city full of charm. Safed summer weather very pleasant and allows Trip parks, museums, ancient synagogues or one of the many street fairs.

Our cabins are located in the city of Safed, within walking distance of the pedestrian city where you will find cafes, restaurants and bank services parallel to the famous museums and galleries. Bed and breakfasts are decorated in ancient stone structure that fits the enchanted landscape and contain all necessary your perfect holiday: a luxurious double bed, a fully equipped kitchen that includes blech religious public. Air conditioning and Wi-Fi. Zimmer can order any bottle of wine and breakfast. Not far from bed and breakfasts in the forest-year-old farm offers horseback riding and forest landscape is also within walking distance of the synagogue’s holy Harry considered one of the most impressive synagogue in the world. Also in the area of Family attractions such as Jeep and ATV and a short drive is also a violinist.

Fine Zimmer: Zimmer built a bow window overlooks the Arabic Miron allowing picturesque sunset. Zimmer an interior courtyard with fruit trees and flowers next to the seating area.

Garden Terrace Zimmer: Zimmer romantic old town alleys nearby. Couples looking for a special place this is perfect Zimmer .htzimr decorated by local artists work.

An apartment on the Nahariya beach: a luxury place ideal for couples seeking a romantic experience refreshing. The property is scenic coast of Nahariya, roof terrace extension enables convenient and discreet sunbathing. Penthouse adjacent promenade and allows daily excursion.

All cabins enjoy personal hospitality from the heart and peaceful holiday experience.

Nahariya and Safed also Green is abundant and can be integrated on a vacation, trips rash nature reserves according to the season.

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